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Alesana-Heavy Hangs The Albatross
I've made up my mind and I will be leaving.
Leaving this cruel, dark world for the soulless to share.
But first...

Women will shriek and watch their husbands bleed.
Child will cry and watch their mothers die.
Because tonight...
Tonight we all go to hell!

I have to let go of what happened to my love.
I am taking out on everyone else all the problems I've brought on myself.
When I made your heart melt.
My belle, we soon will meet again.

There's nothing left for me to lose but confusion.
I'm finished trying to tell myself this will go away.
There's no one left to talk me down.
My feet are slipping...

One day I hope my name won't bring back memories.
Of the day that I left her.
Goodbye, so long.
My heart belongs to the one I am chasing after.
For better, or even for worse, remember me forever...

Now the only question left is how to take you all down with me.
The coroner will have his hands full tonight.
That is if he is not among the dead.

Dead will choke the streets with such vulgarity that grown men will weep.
And then you will find the end is drawing night.

The dizziness stuns me, would someone please distract me?
Can I really get through this?
Can I really betray myself?

There's sweat on my hands and a knife at my throat.
And as the blade bites my skin Annabel appears...

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