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Shapist - Hourglass Principle [Official Music Video]

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Sinking into a world of deviation
only time will tell if we'll survive the fall
I am a being of my own creation
In this hell we've built
I am surrounded by doubt
Empty words and heavy hearts
They're Leaving a permanent reminder
That Once it's gone it's gone
Don't hold your breath because
Once it's gone

Forget where you've been
and embrace where you'll end up
Lost Time is never Found
Too late to exchange
Our mistakes have displaced us
and now
Memories are disappearing
Descending in the fade
The warnings came so clear
They say we can't be saved
The wind and the storms foretold this
How we will never change

Maybe when we realize
We're feeding demons in the dark
All of our secrets
All of our lies
their motives are starting to spark

They're Designed to shroud
We're Looking down in retrospect
We see all the choices are filled with regret
Clarity found, A noose is bound around our necks
We've seen what the future holds and we choose to forget

Chances are we'll be afraid

We're Vaccumed into the light that Fades
Chances are we'll stay awake

This is our Ravenous decay

What are you running from?
and what does it mean to persist when
Ive been treading water for so long
but my body was too weak to resist it

Do you believe in the darker shades?
Hungry for our sins
They pick us apart like vultures
And when the night falls
Hungry for our souls
We Disappear

Time isn't vanishing
It never was
We're all born into an ageless plain
dressed up in flaws
In the Shadows
Where we sleep
We watch all the thieves as they sharpen their claws

Infinity when divinity ends
I never want to see you again
until you realize you're falling
Don't come back to me calling

And by the time you hit the floor
you'll come back to me

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:04:26
Автор: ShapistTV